Links to pieces I’ve written at other sites:


Blackhawks – Zone Entries & Shot Generation in the Playoffs (2013-14)

Taking the Morality Out of Line Construction

Shot Suppression and Team Success

2013-14 Mid-Season Look at Chicago’s Defensive Pairings

Shots For Percentage: Comparing Carlyle and Quenneville

Does Hitting Lead To Winning?

Score Effects

2014-15 Preseason Predictions: Eastern Conference

2014-15 Preseason Predictions: Western Conference

2014-15 Preseason Predictions: Coaches, Teams

2014-15 Preseason Predictions: Awards

Comparison of Wingers Recently Drafted in the First Round

St. Louis Blues: Scoring Lines, Point Shares

How Much Do NHL Teams Really Use Analytics

Usage Adjusted Metrics: Chicago Blackhawks Forwards

NHL Roster Construction

NHL Team Drafting and Development: 2005 – 2014

Hockey Stats Primers:

Part 1 – Corsi/Fenwick

Part 2 – Score Close/Score Effects

Score Effects: Protecting A Lead

Score Effects: Making A Comeback


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